AFCEA Middle Georgia Chapter Board of Directors

Col Thaddeus J Janicki, Jr.

The President is responsible for carrying out the direction of the BoD in the management and complete operation of the Chapter. The President presides over the meetings of the board and general membership. The President sets the agenda for the meetings.  
Mr Daniel Gillis, 78 ABW/SCOV

The Executive Vice President acts for the President in the President’s absence and succeeds the President in the event the President is unable to continue in office. The Executive Vice President is responsible for oversight of arrangements at monthly chapter meetings and performs other duties as prescribed by the President. He serves on the Treasurer’s annual mini-board for budget planning.  

The Vice President of Programs is responsible for ensuring guest speakers are identified and invited to the monthly luncheons. The Vice President of Programs will introduce the speaker at the luncheon and ensure an appropriate certificate of appreciation/gift is available for presentation. The Vice President for Programs is the Chairman of the Program Committee.    
Mr Daniel Gillis, 78 ABW/SCOV

The Vice President of Education is responsible for establishing a repository of courses, seminars, and other educational opportunities in the Middle Georgia area. Works with the Webmaster to maintain an educational page on the Middle Georgia AFCEA website-can use links to other sites as well. Courses/seminars include those on technology and business. The Vice President of Education is also responsible for the publicity and administration of the Chapter’s scholarship program. Ensures the BoD has an opportunity to review and vote on scholarship submissions. The VP of Education is the Liaison for AFCEA International’s scholarship program. The Vice President of Education finally is responsible for the Chapter’s Science Teaching Tools and Science Fair Programs. He or she solicits Board of Education Science Advisors in the Middle Georgia area for teacher nominations to receive a cash award to purchase supplies and other items for their science program. The VP of Education provides the list to the Treasurer for awards. He or she is in charge of the annual program to honor nominated and selected teachers. Also, solicits these same advisors as well as the Statewide science fairs for the times and dates of local science fairs. This person locates volunteers from the membership to participate in the fairs and award prizes to students, and in statewide contests, to the students’ teachers. The VP of Education reports the results to AFCEA International. AFCEA selects one of the state winners to go forward for international AFCEA competition.  
DIR of STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics)
Ms Jenna Piper

The Director of STEM is responsible for promoting and fostering STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) efforts in the Middle Georgia area, by: using the chapter to raise awareness of the importance of STEM education to our economy and national security; working to get every company and member contributing to STEM education; providing funding incentives, opportunities, grants and assistance for schools and teachers that are fostering excellence in STEM education; developing and implementing strategies for raising funds and man-hours to support the chapter's STEM education initiatives; establishing grant-giving policies and procedures for oversight and monitoring of grants given; finding community partners in STEM education to multiply the work that we are doing by several fold; publicizing STEM education successes and donations.
Ms. Elizabeth Trask

The Vice President for Membership will administer the AFCEA International Anniversary Pin Program and Five Star Award Program. The Vice President for Membership will coordinate with the Secretary to reconcile the Middle Georgia Chapter membership roster from AFCEA International with the Chapter mailing list. The Vice President for Membership may form a membership committee, as needed, to assist in furthering the membership and retention goals of the chapter.      


The Vice President of Publicity is responsible for advertisement and promotion of the Chapter and its events. This includes submissions to the Signal Magazine after each chapter meeting or event and may include publicity in other publications such as the Robins Rev-Up. The VP of Publicity acts as the chapter’s photographer.       


The Vice President of Awards is responsible for the Chapter’s Award Program, to include forming a nominating committee when appropriate for large-scale and annual awards. He accepts nominations as desired and recommends, for the Chapter President’s approval, deserving chapter awardees for monthly honors.       


The Vice President of Corporate Matters ensures chapter corporate sponsor records are current. This VP will coordinate and direct the Chapter’s Corporate Sponsorship, fundraising, retention, and recruitment campaigns. The Vice President of Corporate Matters will assist the President in coordinating special presentations to new corporate sponsors. The Vice President for Corporate Matters may form a membership committee, as needed, to assist in furthering the sponsorship and fundraising goals of the chapter. 

The Vice President of Enlisted Matters represents the enlisted members of AFCEA and advises the President and Board of Directors on the issues and concerns of enlisted members in the chapter. The VP of Enlisted Matters encourages enlisted participation in the chapter. Also, ensures the proper flags are present and set up for the meetings.  

VP of INDUSTRY (Small Business Liason)
Ms. Kim M. Montfoort

The VP of Industry (Small Business Liaison) represents small business issues and concerns. The Small Business Liaison manages the chapter’s small business mentorship program and encourages small business participation in the chapter.       

Ms. Lisa Davis

The Secretary sees to the administration of the Chapter and maintains all official records of the Chapter. The Secretary will submit minutes of each board meeting to the Executive Vice President within a week of subject meeting. The Secretary will make the corrections accepted by the Executive Vice President and returns the corrected minutes to the Executive Vice President seven days before the monthly meeting. The President may appoint an Assistant Secretary to assume the duties of the office in the event of the temporary absence of the Secretary.       

Mr. Alan Frost

The Treasurer receives and deposits all Chapter funds. The Treasurer disburses all funds and maintains all tax records required of the Chapter operating as a non-profit, tax-exempt entity. With the approval of the Board of Directors, an Assistant Treasurer may be appointed to assume the duties of the office in the event of the temporary absence of the Treasurer. The Treasurer holds an annual mini-board in May or June of each year to plan the budget for the next year.       

Mr. Roger Dowd
The Webmaster is responsible for the Chapter’s Internet presence via a web page. The Webmaster is responsible for posting all information deemed public. The Webmaster is the administrator for all Chapter domains, email accounts, and list servers. The Webmaster is responsible for posting special announcements, photographs, and archival information on the web. The Webmaster works closely with all Vice Presidents and Committee Chairs to ensure the Chapter web site is reflecting their area of interest accurately. The Webmaster shall post no information without the permission of the Chapter President.